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We design and support the roadmap for culture shaping, in accordance with your values, vision and ambitions; and redesign organizational structures, in order to maximize human capital and its knowledge flows

Culture is the set of unique values, beliefs, practices, rituals. It guides the ‘ways of doing things’ that characterize an organization and distinguish it from all others. Namely, regarding leadership, decision making, how to communicate, how to face uncertainty and change, how to deal with conflict and how people are valued – and which enables the alignment (fit) organization – individual.

Darefy Culture Audit

In the Darefy holistic approach, we analyze the complexities and components involved in developing and sustaining a high performing culture – and turn it an “asset” and a competitive advantage.
Starting with our Darefy Culture Audit, we´ll then address all elements of culture change, from leadership models to communication, from work flexibility (remote vs on-site) to organizational structures. And, through our Culture and Leadership Change Framework, enable behavior change at all “moments of truth” of corporate life.

Organizational Redesign Cycle

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

Alan Kay