Culture & Organization Transformation

We design and support the roadmap for culture shaping…

Social Innovation

We value social innovation. All over the world, we see startups, social institutions, community projects and NGO´s building creative solutions to meet social needs.
Therefore, a substantial part of our resources (time and energy) is focused on projects that drive change and impact society, in areas like:

  • Education
  • Lifelong learning (upskilling and reskilling)
  • Citizenship and Digital Democracy…

Culture & Organization Transformation

We design and support the roadmap for culture shaping...

Talent Management & Analytics

We design the talent map and assess the current talent pool...

​Employer Branding Strategy & Design ​

We develop your value proposition and translate it into strategies

Leadership Finder

We find the best leaders to create great teams and achieve the results...

Executive & Leadership Development

We support the development of top leaders

Darefy approach

Our approach integrates the latest organizational and management insights with behavioral sciences (psychology, cognitive & neuroscience, behavior analysis, social psychology) and anthropology;

technology-based but human centered

We make use of technology (algorithms and machine learning) in order to a better human decision making;

We use insightful and pragmatic business approaches like systems analysis and design thinking to solve human and organizational problems

Our Promises
become actions

Darefy is a social-engaged organization and values the sustainable development and wellbeing on its community.  Therefore, the profit and investment guidelines are defined accordingly:

Impact: 25% profits to Social Innovation projects (namely, education, social inclusion, employability and active ageing).

Sharing: 10% profits to employees

In sum, we are Leadership and Change builders.

Let's build change together