Social Innovation

We value social innovation. All over the world, we see startups, social institutions, community projects and NGO´s building creative solutions to meet social needs.

Therefore, a substantial part of our resources (time and energy) is focused on projects that drive change and impact society, in areas like:

Some specific solutions to social innovation projects

  • We can help on building the organization´s decision and control systems and processes. Trough the segmentation of strategic functions and responsibilities, we reinforce corporate/ institutional effectiveness – aligning all relevant stakeholders on the main goals.

We support the creation of strategic social impact models, with global and consistent objectives. With “cascading“ methodology, we develop business operating frameworks, with cause-effect relationships that show the interconnection between the critical variables –  aligning strategy with execution.

We deploy programs for the skills development of top managers working on social impact projects . Through coaching and / or mentoring methodologies, we increase the potential of leaders to make a difference, enabling Transformational Leadership, Change Management, Strategic or Innovation.

  • We support the definition of the institution’s EVP (employer value proposition) and definition of the key people management processes (attraction, onboard, development and compensation).

We embrace the Principle 20/20:

1 %
working time

Dedicated to social innovation

1 %

Are invested in social Innovation projects.

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