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The Phygital Leaders

Many leaders continue managing their time, business processes and interaction with their teams as if they were still freezed in 1990

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Leaders with culture darefy

You want Leaders with culture-fit? Try culture-add!

For more than two decades we’ve tallked about the mandatory culture-fit in the corporate world. As we all know, this means that every employee should be characterized by a set of values, principles and behaviors strictly aligned with the corporate culture.

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leadership model work in hybrid work darefy

Does your leadership model work in hybrid work?

Times are changing. The ongoing digital revolution, the cultural pressure of the new generations (millennials and the emerging generation Z) and this new era of exposure and transparency (inherent to people and organizations) came to disrupt the business processes and work models.

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Agile Leadership

Agile: it´s not just projects, it´s leadership culture!

All over world, organizations are looking for “agility” – whatever that means. In fact, to face volatility and uncertainty, agile is the new mantra. Some are performing “trial & error”, with some project teams, following the agile and scrum manifesto guidelines. That´s good.  But, in most cases, not good enough.

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