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Carlos Sezões

Lessons from Social Innovation to the Corporate World

We´re talking of projects that seek new, effective and sustainable solutions to complex societal problems, often overlooked. Dimensions such as education, employability, lifelong training, social exclusion, health and active ageing, environmental sustainability or circular economy.

Is your Talent Strategy aligned with your Business Strategy?

First, what is a strategy? I would say that’s choosing where to go, what to do and… what not to do. A corporate strategy must answer four major questions: where do we compete? What unique value do we bring to the market? What resources and key-capabilities we’ll have to deploy? How do we sustain competitive advantage over time?

Managing Talent Ecosystems

What will be the “structures” for the future of work? The “corporation” that we inherited from the 20th century followed simple assuptions: all employees working on a full-time contractual basis; a strict professional role and respective job-grade, evolving over time; a specific workplace and a daily schedule; a hierarchical subordination to a supervisor.

Attracting and Recruiting Transformational Leaders

Corporate world is changing. The ongoing work-models disruption, social-cultural generational expectations, the focus on wellbeing and the increasing scrutiny on ESG practices are demanding new perspectives and mindsets from leadership and top management teams.

Leadership Effectiveness: focus and noise reduction

What is the most scarce and decisive resource for any leader? Many will say “time”. Based on recent researches, I would answer “focus” or “attention”. Daniel Goleman states that mastering our focus, in a world in which we are bombarded by stimuli and distractions , is the key to professional success and achievement.

Employer Branding in the future of Work

Yes, times are changing. The ongoing digital revolution, the new work models, the cultural pressure of the new generations and this new era of exposure and transparency came to disrupt the basis of what might be considered a great EVP.

Agile: it´s not just projects, it´s leadership culture!

All over world, organizations are looking for “agility” – whatever that means. In fact, to face volatility and uncertainty, agile is the new mantra. Some are performing “trial & error”, with some project teams, following the agile and scrum manifesto guidelines. That´s good.  But, in most cases, not good enough.

Does your leadership model work in hybrid work?

Times are changing. The ongoing digital revolution, the cultural pressure of the new generations (millennials and the emerging generation Z) and this new era of exposure and transparency (inherent to people and organizations) came to disrupt the business processes and work models.